Strategic Medical Staff and Service Line Development

The transition to value-based purchasing calls for healthcare organizations to rethink and redesign care delivery across services lines. Service line excellence should be based on careful and goal-oriented planning, and these plans must be in line with the vision of the healthcare organizations and market conditions.

Physician Strategy, Engagement and Alignment

For healthcare organizations, physician alignment and engagement is the single most fundamental strategy in their pursuit of high quality and low cost. To a great extent, the success of all healthcare delivery strategies relies on the engagement and performance of physicians. The formation of a reliable strategic "pact" with the physicians is important for strong physician alignment.

Reduction of Operating Costs through Collaboration with Physicians

Physicians and hospital executives need to work together to achieve necessary improvements in operating costs and operating margin. There are various areas to look at, e.g. operations, supply chain, customer service, workforce deployment.

Hospital Change Management and Restructuring

In this era with declining reimbursement rates and value-based purchasing, acute-care organizations must be restructured to be able to compete on value, e.g. distributing unified services, through rightsizing hospital assets, or investing in low-cost care site alternatives.

Physician advisor for EMR/CIS implementation or replacement

Transformative projects such as the introduction or replacement of a clinical information system go along with various challenges. Acceptance and support by the medical staff is critical. Doctors must be adequately involved in the project to prevent loss of control and to manage expectations. Appropriate communication channels must be established between physicians, management and project director. Together they must prevent well-intentioned business process re-engineering impeding clinical workflows. System go-live requires adequate physician training and must be proactively managed in order to minimize reduction of productivity during go-live.

Medical Planning and Strategy for hospital development and new hospital projects

Planning a major renovation project or a new healthcare facility is a rare opportunity for an organization to rethink its patient care delivery model, operational processes, use of technology, and even its location. A major investment in healthcare facilities should result in enhanced customer service, improved operational efficiency, potential new revenue, and increased flexibility - in addition to aesthetically pleasing and better-engineered buildings. We help healthcare organizations achieve rights services, right size and right location of operations.

Negotiaton of Hospital / Physicians Agreements

Building successful relationships is essential for negotiating better outcomes and mutually beneficial goals. To be effective, negotiating parties must navigate between claiming and creating value as well as between empathy and assertiveness. We apply Harvard negotiation and game theory concepts in order to achieve successful relationships with better outcomes at the bargaining table.

Physician Leadership Development

Physicians are well-trained experts and independent professionals, and they fulfil a key role in patient care. However, few physicians have the necessary skills or interest in taking on a leadership role in healthcare organizations and to assume responsibility in long-term systemic transformation (change). In today’s healthcare setting, it is essential to offer a training program to the medical staff to develop their competencies as a leader. In the age of bundled payments, a seamless collaboration between the medical, nurse and administrative staff is of utmost importance.

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